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Space Pioneer is an action game with RPG elements, which is responsible for the development of Polish studio Vivid Games. Production appeared on Android mobile devices.



Space Pioneer takes the player to the distant future, when interstellar flights have become a part of everyday life. The main character is a bounty hunter who is traveling to another planet in search of various opportunities for earnings, which involves the need to confront numerous dangers waiting on their surface.

Space Pioneer APK Download


In the released on Android Space Pioneer, the action is observed from a camera hung over the head of a protagonist. Production was divided into short missions, during which, in addition to carrying out the tasks entrusted to us (the likes of defending a particular place on the map or hacking devices) eliminate the entire legions of smaller or larger opponents. On our way are both a series of adversaries in the bulk, as well as much more powerful opponents acting as bosses.

Space Pioneer for Android

Fortunately, the hero is not defenseless. It has been given an extensive arsenal of firearms, which expand as you progress in the adventure. The aforementioned RPG elements include both the development of the hero with the help of increasingly powerful armaments, as well as the improvement of individual combat abilities. Padding of all this is the possibility to expand its own base, from which we controlled the hero embarks on the next missions. It is worth noting that the individual tasks are generated procedurally, which significantly increases the replayability of the described title.

In addition, the game has a place for special challenges and global events, as well as online leaderboards, so that we can compare their results with the achievements of other players.

Despite its simplicity, the two-dimensional design of Space Pioneer can be pleasing-all thanks to its original cartoon-style design and a rich color of the individual visual elements.

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