Snack World APK Download

Snack World is a game of RPG genre designed for mass audience. Take control of the seater team and move on the journey by completing the next tasks, fighting opponents and collect unique items.


Snack World is a game in the genre of RPG in fantasy climates. Taking control of the seater team traverse the world, we perform further tasks and collect items. Interestingly, the latter can also be purchased in physical form and loaded into digital reality with the help of NFC technology. For the production of Android version is equivalent to Studio Level-5.

Snack World Story

The main character of the story told is a boy named Chup. He once ran a quiet teenage life, but one day everything he knew and loved was received. His village burned, the family of killed, and he miraculously survived, just to convince himself that he was in the world alone. When he managed to gather, decides to take revenge on the killers and located on their services dragons. To join his, he becomes friends with two other characters – Mayo and Pepperon. They together move in front of each other. What was originally supposed to be “only” revenge is quickly proving much more complicated.

Snack World APK Download

After the world, we travel with an isometric view of the action. Trinity team follows in the direction set by us are struggling with further obstacles, but in the fun center there is a collection of items. As in real life, too, and here they have been divided into specific brands – all swords, shields, jewellery and clothes belong to specific manufacturers. They are Fictional Detton, Qloris and Fairy Electronics. Each of the elements can not only find in the game, but also buy in the physical form. With NFC technology, the acquired pendant can then be scanned and placed in the loadout of our hero.

The Snack World Android version is characterized by simple but impressive artwork. The characters resemble those known from the cartoon, and although they can be seen as a typical of manga and anime, they have their own unique character.