NBA 2k18 Android and iOS Download

NBA 2k18 Android and iOS Download

NBA 2K18 is a next part of famous basketball games. This is a great basketball simulator, in which we can be a superstar from real league. The game allow us to create impressive matches, and to create our own character. We can choose between ~500 random faces and thousands hairstyles.

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NBA 2k18 Android and iOS Download

[UPDATED 02.09.2017]

The NBA 2k18 career mode is the best one of all series. We got a great story, in which addictive gameplay creates an ideal cohesion. In beginning we are creating a superstar, next we choosing a league and we are ready to play. During the game we can meet superstars like Michael Jordan, so NBA allows us to make our dreams true. The controls have been upgraded, now you can direct pass the ball, pitch a pass behind you or manage position. The movement feels natural, we can see a real animations created by the best computer-artist. The game AI makes it difficult, and player have to train some hours to be greater.

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In NBA 2k18 we can play on few game modes:

  • MyGM
  • My Career
  • My Team

MyGM is a new feature in which we are playing cards that we gain during the game.

The iOS and Android versions are smilliar, it mean it’s possible to play together now.

NBA 2k18 Android and iOS Download
NBA 2k18 for Android and iOS graphics is a way better than previous part of the game.

NBA 2k18 Android and iOS Download

NBA 2k18 is a unfriendly game for beginners. You can not make a mistake, otherwise you will lose. The game added experience system, wherein unblock opportunities like boosters, or new team members. the downside is the lack of tutorial, as i said, this game is unfriendly for beginners. No where to test new members of our team, or new movements. Fortunately update is coming.