MapleStory Blitz APK Download

MapleStory Blitz is a combination of card and strategy games. Created by Nexon Studio, the production focuses on the multiplayer mode and allows players to collect cards and turn skirmishes within a complex ranking.

MapleStory Blitz is a hybrid of card and strategy game. This production belongs to the series MapleStory, previously known primarily in MMORPG games. The Korean company NEXON Company is responsible for creating this title.

MapleStory Blitz APK Download

Action MapleStory Blitz takes place in a fantastic universe. Players use the familiar characters from previous games, and turn skirmishes in the war with terrible black Mage.

MapleStory Blitz APK Download MapleStory Blitz APK Download


MapleStory Blitz released on Android is a combination of card and strategy games. Players gradually build card collections, thus allowing the display of the different, known from the series of MapleStory characters (eg. Mercedes, Phantom, Oz, Kyrin, Demonslayer) and monsters, as well as the use of various types of extra abilities and reinforcements.

The Same clashes are presented on three-dimensional maps and played in real time-each of them is limited by a timer, in which one of the parties must gain an advantage over the other. Also the battles are fast and intense. Nexon’s studio production has both PvP (player vs. player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) modes, but is definitely focused on multiplayer mode. The game offers a powerful ranking, after which the players climb with successive victories.

Other informations

The artwork of MapleStory Blitz can enjoy the eyes. This is extremely colourful and stylized for the animated film. There are beautifully crafted manga illustrations on each card. The user interface does not deviate from the standard for today’s mobile games and cleverly uses the benefits of touch screens (for example, the direction of some attacks we point to swiping across the screen).

  • Internet connection required.
  • Suitable for any age
  • Multiplayer