How to speed up your old computer? Part 1

How to speed up your old computer? Part 1 – Hardware

Buying a new computer is nowadays an uneasy art-because of the ever-increasing prices of components, and thanks to miners, the acquisition of a good graphics card or efficient RAM for a reasonable amount of the miracle. Many are waiting for noticeable reductions in the prices of individual parts, but the moments it looks like are waiting for impossible. Deciding whether to buy a new computer doesn’t have to be a good option.

Why not try to restore your equipment and breathe new life into it instead? This solution will allow us to postpone our plans to equip a new PC for some time. Accelerating the old is not only a matter of replacement of components-improving the performance will also bring simply the order or a few simple tricks, which can make it already after a few hours our computer would work as for its best years. And most importantly, you can do it completely yourself, without the need to support the skilled ALM. So let’s see what can be done to speed up your old PC.

SSD Purchase

Older computers still reign hard HDDs-it’s obvious, because a few years ago we had practically no choice and the traditional “heartwood” was the only sensible solution to allow for convenient storage of data. Today, however, the situation has undergone a significant change-the popularity of SSDs are very popular, which-although they are, unfortunately, noticeably more expensive than disc media and less capacity-offer much faster performance.

How to speed up your old computer? Part 1

System startup in seconds or faster loading of games and programs are items that encourage you to buy an SSD. I do not intend to persuade you to replace the honest tough guy on a new technology-but it is worth even the smallest, basic SSD model with a capacity of 120 GB.

RAM Purchase

I do not have to convince anyone that the ram is a very important component of every PC. It stores information about the activities that are currently being performed and the programs that are being run and their activities. Therefore, the principle is very simple – the more the RAM, the better.

How to speed up your old computer? Part 1

An absolute minimum nowadays is 8 GB, preferably in the option of two modules of 4 GB in Dual Channel mode. For the cheapest memory of this type, we will pay about 60 USD – quite a bit, but in the face of the ever-increasing prices of these components you have to reckon with the fact that soon will be even expensive.

Graphics Card Purchase

The basic component for each player is the graphics card. This is an essential part of a PC that affects your computer’s virtual entertainment experience. Unfortunately, nowadays buying a new and more expensive graphics card often goes with the goal-a huge interest in cryptocurrencies made the efficient systems cost very much, and the increase took up almost every segment of the GPU. The influence of this group of customers was based only on the segment of the cheapest, older graphics cards.

How to speed up your old computer? Part 1

And it is in not worth investing, looking for an interesting offer to upgrade your equipment. The proposal worthy of consideration is the Radeon RX 550-to be purchased for less than 150 USD. With ists, you can become the owners of a successful GPU from the current generation, or GeForce GTX 1050. However, if might want a cheaper hand, I recommend the popular auction sites-you only need to be careful, because you can buy heavily used or damaged card!