GTA V Android and iOS Download

GTA V Android and iOS Download

[UPDATED 20.05.2018]

Android   APK

Remember to play in first person mode on low-end devices.

Grand Theft Auto V for Android and iOS is a special edition for mobile devices. This time you can play this excelent game everywhere you are! GTA V improved a lot of important things from previous series. Rockstar Games made Los Santos bigger than Los Santos from San Andreas. Now you can see increased draw distances, new weapons, beautiful graphics and more. In Grand Theft Auto V you can see the best of the game graphics in whole gaming world. The mobile version of the game includes Rockstar Editor, which allows player to record game, edit, and upload that on YouTube.

GTA V Android and iOS Download
Final Android and iOS version.

The Mobile version of Grand Theft Auto V also has limitations.

Grand Theft Auto V Android/iOS restrictions

  • weaker graphics than PC and consoles version (invisible to the naked eye)
  • Lower Resolution (1280×720) only HD because of device capabilities
  • 30 Frames per Second limit
  • difficult to control (especially while driving)
  • non-stable GTA Online (disconnecting after ~40 minutes of playing)

The possibility of playing GTA V on your phone or tablet compensate above drawbacks. The Singleplayer mode working fine, it should be enought.

Final Version working with ALL ANDROID DEVICES!


  • Version 1.3 without online needs ~2.8 GB of space because of compressed textures
  • The 1.5 version with online needs ~3.4 GB of space because of compressed textures and multiplayer
  • Version 2.0 with online and new interface needs ~3.5 GB of space because of compressed textures, multiplayer and high quality interface

The Final Version needs ~3.6 GB of Space!

Due to uploading limit, there is only final versions available.

The iOS version of the game doesn’t work on iPhone 3 GS!

To play online you have to create a free Social Club Account. Click here to register

GTA V Android and iOS download


If you have problems with aiming using a meele weapon, here is a fix.

Go to Options -> Controls and change “auto aim” to “free aim”

GTA V Android and iOS Download


Download NaturalVision Graphics Mod for GTA V Mobile! Visit the website here and follow the instructions.

Graphics Mods doesn’t work with iPhones. More info about NaturalVision Remastered you can find on this page.