Football Manager Mobile 2018 Android and iOS Download

Football Manager Mobile 2018 is the mobile version of Football Manager 2018. This is the third edition of this game, because in addition to the normal Football Manager 2018 for PC, Sports Interactive has also developed the simplified Football Manager Touch. This version is dedicated only to smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS) and in many respects. It is different from other Football Manager.

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For several years the Football Manager for mobile devices has been getting better and better. I can not help admiring how great a port of this production could be on smartphones and tablets.

Football Manager Mobile 2018

Football Manager Mobile 2018 is just a game with same functions as PC version, but it has worse graphics. The gameplay was programmed to be fast as possible. The game style target in short, 1 minute games, because this is a mobile version, and the players can have no time for playing it.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 Android and iOS Download

Our task is to set tactics, take care of the club budget or buy and sell players. In this case, we can use the help of scouts (the people traveling the world in search of valuable players). The 2018 version has better GUI, and it’s easy to learn. Now you can find your employers, or footballers more easier than previous Football Manager. However, the title offers access to a much smaller number of clubs and players than the larger views of the series.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 Android and iOS Download

The Football Manager game series is not smilliar to FIFA! in FIFA games we’re playing as footballers, in FM games we are playing as coach, so there’s more challenge. Football Manager needs a tactics, and¬†strategic reasoning, we have to think like real life coaches to win a match.


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