Dungeon Hunter Champions APK

Dungeon Hunter Champions is designed for Android action RPG. During the game, the player collects the characters and their ranks selects the team with which he goes on missions. Production also has a network mode, implemented in the style of MOBA, where the game comes down to clash of two 5 heroes teams.

Dungeon Hunter Champions is a released on the Android RPG platform of Action enriched with MOBA elements. Production uses the free model with micropayments and developed it Studio Gameloft, which is the team responsible for all the previous views of the brand.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Story

The title takes us to a well-known from previous series of fantasy universe. The story revolves around the so-called. Great game, breaking records of popularity in both the golden chambers of palaces, as well as the children’s taverns. The participants of the game play legendary adventures and battles from all the rich history of the land. They do not know, however, that the game really is more than mere entertainment and has a real impact on the surrounding reality.

Dungeon Hunter Champions APK

Dungeon Hunter Champions APK Mechanics

Released on the platform Android Dungeon Hunter Champions is reminiscent of the game’s previous views of the cycle. So we get RPG action in which events are observed from the isometric camera, and the fun comes down to fight hordes of enemies using a simple, arcade system. Instead of traditional character classes we get more than 275 characters, which we slowly unlock during the game. Each has unique weapons and abilities that can be developed with experience gained. Among these characters we select few people team. During the adventures directly direct a single hero, and the other is managed by artificial intelligence. However, we can switch between warriors, as well as to give companions simple commands, eg. Focus on attacks on a particular enemy.